Why use a Yacht broker?

Selling your boat is a big decision and could be costly, time consuming and stressful if it goes wrong, this is where using a professional and experienced brokerage service, such as Shearwater Yacht Brokers, can help.

Below are just a few of the many reasons to use a yacht broker when selling your boat……..


Benefits of using a Yacht broker:

Create an Effective Advertising Plan
A broker will outline a plan of how a boat is to be advertised in the most appropriate media and websites, as different boats need may need different types on advertising as they will appeal to different types of buyers.

Advising you on an market appropriate asking price
A broker can help establish an effective current market value for your boat by accessing actual sold boat data not just asking prices which can be very different from the eventual sale price. This data is not available to the public.

Prepare the boat for viewings and photos
A broker will advise you of any changes or improvements that should be made present your boat in the best possible light for the current market.  They can also help organise these upgrades and repairs. They can also help you to find easy-access moorings/storage for while your vessel is on the market.

A skilled broker will help find a mutually agreeable middle position between buyer and seller, they will have much experience in this and will be able to have any ‘awkward’ conversations on behalf of the seller smoothing the process and removing the stress.

Survey and Sea trial
A buyer will often request a sea trial and a pre-purchase survey. A good broker arranges this process for you and the buyer in the most efficient and cost-effective way and will then be able to help you determine how any issues discovered should be addressed in the purchase negotiations.

Technical knowledge of Ships papers and transfer of ownership
Experienced brokers understand the boat sale process and legal requirements for documentation, such as Bills Of sale, sale and purchase agreements, VAT Evidence and other documents needed to register and transfer titles of boats. They also have an in depth understanding of deposit requirements, the survey process and will have a client account to safeguard funds.