Tips for Preparing Your Boat For Sale.

Once you have made the decision to sell your boat you will want a quick, efficient sale while getting the best possible price for your boat in the current market. As the boat’s seller there are a few things you can do whether you are selling using a yacht broker or attempting to sell privately to achieve this.


Boat Location

Think about ease of access for potential buyers to view your boat. A boat that is on a tidal mooring that can only be reached at high tide after a 20min dinghy trip will be more difficult to schedule viewings than a boat located in a marina or ashore in a boat yard. Buyers may have to travel some distance to view your boat and may have limited time so arranging viewings around tide times and weather can be tricky and may put off a potential new owner.

If possible, try to locate your boat in an easily accessed mooring, marina or boat yard.


Personal Belongings

First impressions count! And a tidy, uncluttered boat will show your boat off to her best. A lot of personal belongings can be distracting and make boats feel cramped. Potential buyers will want to feel comfortable looking around and be able to imagine owning the boat themselves, with their own belongings onboard.



This is probably the most important thing you can do to improve your chances of a quick sale!  Make sure you boat or yacht is clean inside and out, if you are using a yacht broker they will be able to advise you on local boat cleaners who will be able to do a professional valet on your boat. However, a full valet is not always necessary, a good clean down below and removing any green and dirt from decks and rigging will make a big difference.  

If your boat is on the market for a while it is worthwhile keeping her looking good with regular cleans especially on deck, also during the winter putting a dehumidifier and heater in the cabin to keep her warm and dry ready for prospective buyers.



If you decide to use a yacht broker, such as Shearwater Yacht Brokers, to sell your boat they will be able to advise you on the specifics of what you can do to prepare your boat for sale. Here at Shearwater Yacht Brokers we have excellent links to local boating services in Falmouth, Cornwall and the surrounding areas, and will be able to arrange cleaning and maintenance services and anything else needed to present your vessel in the best possible light ready for sale.